Get A Free Copy

If you are a church worker (Pastor, Youth Pastor, Small Group Leader) or teacher, you can receive a FREE ELECTRONIC COPY of The Basilisk Plot, just for asking.

The Basilisk Plot is available for the Kindle for only 99 cents, but I am offering free copies to Christian workers because (obviously) if you like the book you might tell others about it. At 99 cents a copy I won't get rich selling this book, but that's not really my point. I write other books—all non-fiction—that sell well, so I'm not doing this for a living; I do it for the pleasure of writing.

To get a copy, just send an email to with the words "free book" in the subject line. In return, I'll send you a PDF copy and also a copy that can be downloaded to a Kindle app on your laptop or PC.

What I will NOT do is spam you or bother you ever again (unless you write and ask me a question, in which case I'll answer promptly).

And what do I ask in return? A simple thing: Enjoy the book and if you like it, tell your friends, family, and Church family about it. If you REALLY like it, go to and leave a review (at The Basilisk Plot).

That's all!